19+ How To Get Your Music Heard On Tiktok

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19+ How To Get Your Music Heard On Tiktok

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Tiktok (formerly known as musical.ly) is a social media platform for creating, sharing and discovering short music videos (think karaoke for the digital age). Sign up for a tunecore account to get your music on tiktok.

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Get free music promotion using one of the leading social media platforms, tiktok.

How to get your music heard on tiktok. Promote your music on repostexchange. How to easily get your music into tiktok. Playlisting playlist is the fastest way to boost your algorithm and expose your music to a wide audience and grow your fanbase.

Here are 6 examples of people who are using the app to get their music heard (and it’s working!). Artists have been asking us to add tiktok on a daily basis. Get your music in videos.

We can send your music to over 3,500 creators to make videos with your music. Team up with other creators & build your network. Our team of experts will listen to your music and connect you to the.

Just sign up to ditto music, upload your music and we’ll do the rest. When tiktok started out, it allowed users to upload any sound or music. You can’t go viral on tiktok without putting your music on the platform.

Feature your music on tiktok. Even if your music is not directly distributed to tiktok, you can create videos and post with “original sound”, which simply means the audio comes from your own video. We offer social media growth campaigns with powerful.

For this to work, you need people to use your audio, and it must have your track title and artist name written all over it. We help artists reach a new audience by distributing their music to top influencers on tiktok and instagram. Here’s how to add music to tiktok and get yourself heard on the platform.

Your songs will then be available for tiktok users to select. How to promote music on tiktok. Music ma | is the fastest way for musicians to get their unlimited music and videos onto 40+ platforms including spotify, apple music, amazon, tidal, tiktok, youtube, vevo and more.

Choose from all major music streaming services, including spotify, apple music, google play, facebook/instagram, tiktok and more. Since you’re using tiktok as a channel to promote your music, make sure that all of your active followers on the platform know damn well what you’re doing outside the platform. Getting your music noticed on tiktok is no easy feat, but there are some key trends that you can follow to boost your music on this platform.

People who want entertainment go to the discover tab to see what's trending, so you’d want to get your videos there as well. How to get your music on facebook, instagram and tiktok. Tiktok has emerged as the most influential platform in the music industry.

Select the type of release you want to get on tiktok: Crank your song in the background and shoot a short video. We hope you love it.

Add music contributors so they get credited when your songs are played. Fortunately, ditto music can release your music to tiktok (as well as hundreds of other platforms like spotify & apple music). Whether you pay monthly or yearly, there are no hidden fees for any of our distribution services.

Release your music on tiktok. We believe artist should own their masters! You reach new fans as they engage millions of followers.

We have over 500 playlists from different curators within our network. Firstly, check that your distributor offers this service with a quick phone call or email to make sure they can get your track on tiktok. Upload your music to tiktok without giving up a single cent of your earnings.

If you don’t see “tiktok” here, congrats, you must’ve opted in when uploading your music & it’s already been added. Promote your music on repostexchange. Tiktok encourages creativity and sharing of.

Tiktok can get your music trending overnight, with one simple upload changing your music career, getting your next release viral. If you’d like to be included in tiktok’s music catalog, visit distrokid now and add your music. Get your music on tiktok once it’s been approved by tunecore.

In this video, we teach you how to get your music on to tiktok, used by major influencers and potentially get your track trending. Dance around (in your awesome new merch, obviously). Team up with other creators & build your network.

Upload your release using our mobile app or web uploader. Upload your music and cover art to put your songs on tiktok. First thing’s first, release your music with spinnup.

Get free access to tiktok music secrets training and campaign design here: Get your music in front of millions of carefully targeted potential fans.

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